Jayleen Hayden

Find the magic in your life.

Jayleen Hayden: Soul Mentor / Energy Healer / Reiki Master Teacher

Jayleen is a healer located in Southern Maine.


Hi, I’m Jayleen!

My dream goal is to help you declutter your emotional stuff so you feel more spacious, clear, and high-vibing, giving you the energy to live the way you have been secretly dying to live.

Whether it’s living your Romantic Comedy dreams (I’m currently manifesting Chris Evans into my life, personally,) building the courage up to do some soul-fulfilling career and lifestyle changes, or simply weeding out everything that makes you feel the way pea soup looks - I’m your girl.

Every event in my life has leant to an inherent understanding that there’s a very distinct recipe for every round of growth, healing, and leveling-up that we come up against and we are divinely gifted to navigate ourselves through.

My job in all of this? Think of me like your cat/yarn/esoteric-loving trail guide helping with everything from spotting the trail markers (your intuition, innate personal gifts, etc.,) tracking and slaying your self-sabotaging beasts, emotional first-aid, determining what emotional weight you want to let go of moving forward so you can travel lighter and more freely, and a whole bunch of other stuff that inevitably presents itself during these journeys.

My clients love the sense of empowerment they feel as well as the liberation that comes from remembering who they are while doing this necessarily deep transformative work, but in a magically fun and light way.

I’m an eclectic sort and I work in an eclectic way. I dive deep because it’s the only way we get to the important stuff, and I do it in a fun and easy way because there’s just no reason we can’t turn it into a glamorous party.