Jayleen Hayden

mentor. writer. human.

Jayleen Hayden: Soul Mentor / Energy Healer / Reiki Master Teacher

Jayleen is a healer located in Southern Maine.

energy readings.

Enjoy a recorded energy reading that is completely customized and specific to pieces that you are currently navigating, and will be coming up against in the near future. No reading is ever the same as it is always a read on your current energy field, highlighting any blockages, any feelings and emotions that are needing your attention, personalized suggestions for moving through these times, and an unfiltered opportunity to have your true essence reflected back to you.

This reading is sent to you via email, and is only accessible through the private link provided. The recording will be available for three business days for you to listen to and download to your own device. At that time, the recording is deleted, so do be sure to download your copy for future reference.


Upon completion of your purchase, please send an email to hello@jayleenhayden.com with your questions. If an email is not received, the reading will encompass whatever information is coming through for you. 

Please allow up to 3 business days for processing, recording, and delivery of your recording. Recordings will be sent to the same email address used to complete your purchase.