Jayleen Hayden

Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master Teacher

Jayleen Hayden: Soul Mentor / Energy Healer / Reiki Master Teacher

Jayleen is a healer located in Southern Maine.

Why does some of your stuff say Holistically Yours?

That's the business name I was operating from when I first started my practice. I'm currently transitioning my branding to my own name. Thanks for bearing with this process! (If you see any broken links and/or something that just looks funky in general, please let me know!)

What should I wear?

Whatever you are most comfortable in! You will be lying down fully-clothed on top of my Reiki table. The only pieces to be removed are shoes, glasses, hats, and any jewelry that might get in the way. The goal is for both of us to be comfortable - so, please check for zipped zippers and appropriate coverage before hopping up on the table!

Is there a weight limit for your table?

Yes. A very important piece for safety - the weight limit for my table is 400 pounds. If you are outside of that range, let me know and we will conduct your session seated in a chair. Still super relaxing!

Why can't I find your phone number?

Email is my preferred method of contact. My business number is included in confirmation emails, so if you're running late or have an emergency, you may reach me via phone then. As for standard inquiries, communication is limited to email to both keep things energetically concise, and maintain a digital trail that I can refer back to. 

Is tipping customary?

Tipping is not expected, but most certainly appreciated! You can think of it like any other hands-on modality (massage, hair cut, etc.) Exact cash or check is easiest for me - I live in a bubble of Reiki haze, so I try to eliminate any sort of money dance after sessions since my black and white analytical faculties are blurry. Half the time I'm unsure what day it is when in this state, so any type of math or counting can easily elude me.

What happened to Holistically Yours?

Still here, I just decided to stop hiding behind a business name! All clients and services from Holistically Yours' days of yore are still in the system - and if they're not yet, just drop me an email because there's either a piece for us to go over together, or I missed something when transferring your info. I dropped the business name but I still love you and want to see you!

Do you ever take any bad or negative energy on from your clients?

Nope! I learned my limits very quickly and make sure that I'm well maintained. That said, there's a very specific reason that my one-on-one availability is limited. But don't worry about leaving anything 'bad' or 'negative' for me to clean up. There's no such thing - it's all vibration - either high or low. And anything that is of a low vibration is automatically transmuted (upcycled, if you will) to pure high-vibrational energy in my studio.

Is it okay to schedule Reiki the same day as other bodywork appointments?

Whenever possible, my preference is to allow for at least a few days in between your various energy/bodywork appointments - this can include anything from massage, chiropractic manipulations, reflexology, polarity, acupuncture, and the like. This just helps to ensure you'll receive the most benefit from each modality and practitioner. No matter the modality, there's still a stirring up, release, and settling of energies within your system. A few days between appointments helps to ensure the efficacy of each session.

Can I just book through you and pay when I come in?

Nope, I'm afraid not. All appointments must be booked online for a few reasons: I can't be trusted with my own schedule- my software knows my availability better than I do. Pre-payment ensures my time is compensated for no-shows or late cancellations. When you make your payment, it shows me that you're ready to show up and do the work (relaxing as it is, we do some really rugged work in my studio.)

Do you allow refunds?

I do not, but if there's a cancellation situation (within the cancellation policy) your payment will be placed as a credit on your account to use toward your service at a later date. As soon as you book and pay online, all transactions are final. This helps to ensure that both our time and energetic agreements are honored.

What should I expect to experience after my session?

Everyone goes through a clearing process after any type of energy work. The most important thing is to drink plenty of water. Reiki releases toxins into the bloodstream (much like massage, even though there's no tissue manipulation) so you want to make sure that you flush it out of your system. Otherwise, those old patterns and energies will find something else to stick to all over again instead of actually leaving your energy field like we asked them to. As these things unwind from your field, you might experience different things: heightened energy, fatigue, emotional highs and lows, etc. Everything is normal. This is all a part of the releasing process and should even out within approximately 3-5 days.

Why do I need to drink water after every session?

Because energy work releases toxins into the bloodstream much like more conventional modalities do. It's incredibly important that you flush them out of your system with lots of clear fluids. If you don't, you'll likely feel a little funky (headaches, nausea, irritability, etc.) and that serves no other purpose than to take away from your relaxing experience. 

Do you remember when you said...?

It's a possibility, but not a guarantee! When reading energy, I'm mostly channeling information by tuning in to whatever invisible frequencies we tune in to when doing this work. There's a chance I will remember, but it's not likely that I will without having my memory jogged. I promise you this isn't a personal thing! It's simply that I'm constantly receiving and interpreting information and my brain can only store so many pieces while still maintaining basic functionality (similar to when your computer starts dragging when you have way too many programs open at once.) 

You designed your website - will you design mine?

Occasionally I do get the urge to do a little web design - it's not often, but sometimes the bug does bite! If you're really ready for a new website (I only ever have interest in starting from scratch - never in re-design) contact me and I'll let you know if I have any room for another web design client!

Why is this FAQ list not collapsible?

Same question I've been asking tech support. But alas, it's just not currently an option. Happy scrolling, my pretties!