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Jayleen Hayden: Soul Mentor / Energy Healer / Reiki Master Teacher

Jayleen is a healer located in Southern Maine.

Recover From Your Toxic Relationships


You have poured so much of yourself into another person only for it all to fall apart. Again.

Does your dating life look like this?

  1. Meet New Romantic Interest.

  2. Notice potential Red Flag

  3. Convince yourself to take it slow.

  4. Proceed to ignore ALL THE RED FLAGS.

  5. Fall for New Romantic Interest anyway.

  6. Honeymoon stage dies off and turns into the usual nightmare.

  7. Ask yourself during sleepless nights how you ended up in another situation where you feel under appreciated, unheard, unseen, and unloved.

If you’re anything like me, you’re ready for your person. Hell, at this point you might even be considering anybody that’s nice to you and doesn’t ghost after a few weeks. I know I did!

But please - don’t settle. Because we both know that what you want is your happy and honest relationship with an actual grown adult because deep down you know that you deserve that glorious piece of magic. So stay here with me for a bit and let’s see if we can’t figure out your relationship blocks together.

If you’re ready to go from your usual toxic relationships to living your own true Romantic Comedy, click below: