Jayleen Hayden

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Jayleen Hayden: Soul Mentor / Energy Healer / Reiki Master Teacher

Jayleen is a healer located in Southern Maine.

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The Jayleen Experience: Episode 4 - Step Away From The Resolutions

In Episode 4 we take a look at what New Year's resolutions are really all about and why so many are not seen through to the intended success. Join me for an illuminated peek at your own list for 2015 and learn how you can make yours work for you!

The Jayleen Experience: Episode 2 - The Art of "No, Thank You."

In Episode 2 we explore the idea that we are not obligated to overextend ourselves. We talk about discerning whether or not we are ready to release outdated thoughts and patterns, feelings that come up surrounding the releasing process, and relinquishing any guilt or sense of duty. Stay tuned to the end for another exercise and guided meditation to help us get closer to dropping the baggage we carry with us!

The Jayleen Experience: Episode 1 - Is This Thing On?

Welcome to the birthing of my most recent shenanigans! A bare minimum podcast that's good enough to get me started here... an introduction to myself, my work, what I'm about (spoiler alert: I shepherd people to their most authentic selves,) and a brief look at what it means to be authentic. Stay tuned to the end for a little meditation and your first action item to rediscovering yourself!